dog at the doorDo you ever feel as though you spend too much time waiting?
Waiting for someone to meet you for dinner who is chronically late, waiting for the humidity to pass and the sunny dry days to return as we in the northeast have done for the last several weeks, waiting for an email and checking repeatedly as if that would make it suddenly appear in your inbox sooner than it would if you weren’t constantly clicking the send/receive button, waiting for the coffee to brew so that you don’t have to drink the sludge in the bottom of the pot…

This photo made me realize how much i make my pooch wait for me…she waits to be fed, waits to go out, waits to come in, waits as i ready myself to leave the house, and waits even more eagerly for me to come home. she is really good at waiting. once in a blue moon she utters a little, but deep woof to remind me that she is waiting. i love her, but i do make her wait far more than i should. if she were able to tell me as one of my friends did several years ago that it hurts her feelings when i make her wait, i would do my best to limit the waiting for her. i was upset when my friend told me that, but it made me make a concerted effort to be prompt.