Beekman Boys Groupie

I am a groupie.  I think the last time I declared that I was in high school in the early seventies and in love with the Beach Boys.  It strikes me funny that now I am enchanted with yet more grown men who call themselves boys-in the best sense of the word- the Fabulous Beekman Boys.  This evening I had the pleasure to meet Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Dr.  Brent Ridge  at their well attended, book signing in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  I waited in a very, very long line which is unlike me and I am glad I did.  They were charming, engaging and well, I guess I just have to say-fabulous.  Read Josh’s books-you can truly hear his voice in his writing, or maybe even buy some of their, dare I say again,  fabulous,  goat milk soap. (Yes, sold in the our shop).  They have opened their lives to the nosy, viewing public, work hard, have amazing marketing vision for their brand and I really want them to be wildly successful, and happy too, of course.