Scottish castles

Somehow a Scottish castle doesn’t strike me as the underpinnings of today’s overdone mcmansions.  They allow my imagination to drift to the times of clans and fifedoms, not always so magical as the necessity to build a castle implies that someone else wants what you have and therefore it needs to be properly fortified.  But I like to think of the community that castle life fostered.  I have visions of living in a small cottage on an estate, but a castle would do without the gallows and the like.

One of the most photographed, Eilean Donan Castle sits majestically at the entrance to the major roadway into the Isle of Skye.

I was lost while driving and just glanced off to see this castle tucked into the countryside.

So medieval looking- I imagine a damsel in a tower there.




  1. Lovely pics there Kit. The brooding grey sky looks perfect next to these castles (altho, of course, grey sky is a bit too common everywhere in the UK!).

    Whereabouts were you when you saw the second castle? I can’t figure out where it is at all.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I can’t figure out where it is either as I was driving eastbound from Mallaig. You have a great site! I thoroughly enjoyed your musings.

  2. What a treat to find your site and discover an enthusiast for all things Scottish! I was led here by Kristen’s blog post about her Harris Tweed bag. Having grown up in the Scottish Borders and the Isle of Lewis and now back in the Borders, it’s great to hear/read about others appreciating the finer points of our lovely landscapes and indigenous crafts – I look forward to more!

    • Thank you for your kind words! The Borders and Lewis, ah-now that sounds lovely! I am enchanted with all that Scotland has to offer.
      Best wishes-keep in touch,

  3. I too found you through Kristen Nicholas 🙂 – definitely putting some things on my Christmas list from your shop 🙂 🙂 loving your blog too

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