Lost my best friend

I knew that this was coming for quite some time and tried to prepare myself, but I honestly wasn’t ready when my 12 year old, English Cocker Spaniel, Kelty went to wherever good dogs go after this life.  I feel as though a piece of my heart has been pulled out of my chest and went with her.  She was elderly, not spry, and had a great deal of difficulty getting around for the past few years.  So, I carried her in and out, picked up her back end hundreds of times as she struggled to do it on her own and tried to make her comfortable for the last several months.

She has been my constant companion and her absence is palpable.  I know quite well that there is far more trouble in the world about which to grieve, but at this moment, I am so mindful of this loss.

If you love dogs, or any animal for that matter, you know how I feel and if you don’t love any animals, I think you may be missing out on one of life’s finest emotional gifts.

Farewell my sweet girl.

Kelty young dog

Kelty as a young dog

Kelty young girl

Kelty relaxing

Kelty at work

Kelty at work with me