English Cocker Spaniels & Rescue Love

If you have read my blog over the past several weeks you know that my dear English Cocker Spaniel, Kelty Jane Margaret Elizabeth, (yes, named after a relative-it’s a long story), died recently.  I know that there is so much sadness in the world.  So to bemoan a dog is a bit self-indulgent, but this loss hit me quite hard.  I have heard from so many with wonderful words of comfort and understanding and I thank you for reaching out to me when you have a zillion other things to do every day and your own troubles to manage.

In an effort to find a better use of my energy than waxing poetic about her absence and to test the waters to see if I am ready for another dog or two perhaps, I have been reconnecting with some of the English Cocker lovers that helped me find my way to Kelty when I was looking for a dog 12 years ago, as well as making new connections with the amazingly giving sorts involved in animal rescue.   I cannot offer enough praise for anyone involved in rescue of children and animals.  It’s hard work, largely unnoticed and so essential.  The English Cocker Spaniel Club of America Rescue group is tireless in searching for ECs in need of homes.  In time, one will find their way to me and I will be ready.

Herewith, I want to thank animal lovers and kid lovers-kind and happy types who open their homes, hearts and wallets to help those who need a bit of care and respite and if they are fortunate, a new home for life.  We all appreciate the work you do for if you did not step forward, the fate of those unwanted is quite dire.

I have also been tinkering around with my watercolors trying to paint dogs.  Still working on the snouts which really define the look of a dog.  I am particularly sensitive to the difference in English Cockers versus American Cockers and know that I need to keep at it to get it just right.



Red English Cocker Spaniel-watercolor and ink

Cairn Terrier-watercolor and ink

Golden Retriever with red leash-watercolor and ink

Although I am not big on tchotchkes, I have found a few dog bits that I like, mostly because they remind me of my girl.

Emma Bridgewater Pottery does a great assortment of mugs with dogs, birds and other critters.  I had to have these and of course, the copper cookie cutter even though it does look a bit like an American Cocker- all dogs are good dogs.