Morning Coffee

I have become a bit of a nudge about my first cup of morning coffee and I would hazard a guess that everyone has their own biases and preferences about what constitutes a decent cup of wake up java. Akin to political opinions, you can’t change someone’s mind just by insisting that the way you like it is the right way to enjoy it. That said, I am throwing in my two cents on the matter.

Over the years, I have used a cone filter, an electric drip, a percolator and an electric espresso machine along with a milk frother to make my coffee. Decaf, with caff, with or without milk, sugar or chocolate, and sometimes just black- I have had coffee routines every which way, but have finally settled on what I hope to be my favorite machine and combination.

After months of analysis, I finally bought a new Nespresso Pixie machine and absolutely love it more than I have ever loved any of the other brewing contraptions I have even after two weeks. First off, it is small, thereby not taking up too much precious space on my counter top, portable, if you decide to bring it to work and back, kind of cool looking with several different color options, customizable as to the quantity of water added to your cup and as to the coffee brew options, and very importantly-easy to clean. I was a bit skittish to plunk down yet more money on something to make coffee, so I researched machines ad nauseum before I made the plunge. As in most cases, you have to really try something out at home to know if it’s going to work for you.

The machine makes a great cuppa complete with delicious crema. It’s rich, hot, fulfilling and as an added bonus, my new favorite English Cocker Spaniel mugs that I wrote about in another post even fit for direct to cup brewing. The coffee pods are recyclable and I have been told that Nespresso is working on a compostable version which would be even better. Coffee is ordered online and is usually shipped the same day.

I can’t find anything about this machine that I don’t like. I guess I just need someone to come for coffee.