Blogher’12 New York

Along with just another 4000 or so other bloggers, I trekked to New York City this past weekend to participate in Blogher’12.  Despite the fact that Manhattan isn’t the best place to be in hot, sultry weather, I really enjoyed it.  Admittedly, I was a bit put off at first when I kept meeting 20 somethings who blog about new babies and getting married, two topics that do not interest me at all.  But after the cloud of youth dissipated, I found myself mingling with so many really interesting women, and a few token men, who put forth incredible effort to communicate their thoughts in the blogosphere with the hope that someone, or better yet, several someones will read their blog and comment….yes, comment.  I am bad about that as I troll through all sorts of blog posts, but hardly ever comment.  So, I vowed to comment more often starting today.

Two high points of the event were the keynote interviews with Martha Stewart and Katie Couric.  What a hoot!  I laughed, admired and agreed with much of what was said and thought that was perhaps because they are both about my age, but alas, I was way off on that theory.  Martha is 71!  Yup, that’s right, it was her birthday and the room broke out in a spontaneous song of happy birthday to her.  No, I am not at all close to her age-phew.  She looks fantastic!  For that matter, Katie Couric did too and I don’t just mean the visual beauty, I mean the substantive inner strength of women who have had some very difficult personal days and still manage to move forward with an invigorating projection of confidence.  That was my takeaway- project confidence, believe in myself, set goals, stick to set goals and change course as needed. Oh, and comment, post, like, tweet, pin, track… the to do list is now endless.



  1. There really were many very interesting women – I just wish it was longer so I might’ve spent more in depth time with some of them – like you!

  2. I agree whole heartedly! Lots to do and we’re just getting started. “Moving forward with an invigorating projection of confidence!” All the best Kit! Your products are lovely! And I love Tricia Foley, can’t wait to read your posts on her as well.


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