Woodstock, Connecticut

Have you visited Connecticut’s northwest corner-the quiet corner as it is known by some?  If not, swing through the quintessentially New England town of Woodstock.  Steeped in colonial history and offering glimpses of subtle, hidden Yankee wealth, it defines a quiet town with little commerce yet a fair amount of lovely open space.

In full disclosure, I am sentimental about this town as my mother lived here as a girl.  I find it bucolic and beautiful.  My mother and grandmother were brought here by her father during the depression to stay with his family while he went off to Boston looking for work.

WoodstockCT (10)

I really like classic colonial homes in traditional colors like this with little to no foundation plantings.

WoodstockCT (9)

I’d like to paint this house another color, but it has really good bones.

WoodstockCT (8)

Roseland Cottage, a Gothic Revival house built in 1846, is a National Historic Landmark and open for tours in the summer months.  My mother had tea here as a girl with the Bowen family, the original owners of the property.

WoodstockCT (6)

The Inn at Woodstock Hill offers dining and lodging in a beautiful setting.  Also, a former private home of the Bowen family, my mother visited here as a girl.

WoodstockCT (5)

Each fireplace had a different theme for the hearth tile.

WoodstockCT (4)

WoodstockCT (3)

WoodstockCT (2)

My mother lived above the garage in this simple brown farmhouse.

WoodstockCT (1)


Woodstock Academy on the village green serves as a high school for the surrounding towns.  My mother is a graduate and played on their basketball team.  If you know her, you may find that a bit hard to believe given her diminutive stature, but she always qualifies her participation by saying that anyone could join the team.  Go Mom!