Carrot Harvest

The garden had been put to bed a few weeks ago with the exception of the carrots.  As the snow began to fall this morning for the first time this season I thought I had better dig them out before the ground freezes.  The weather here in metro Boston can be mild and balmy on one day and bitterly cold the next.  I didn’t want to risk my carrots freezing solidly in the ground if I waited much longer to dig.

They are so beautiful and I have quite a big crop.  So I’ll store them in a bucket with some peat moss in my garage and enjoy them for the next month or so as I nest a bit and hunker down with winter hearty soups and the like.  I’ll throw them in the pot and enjoy the beta carotene rush.  I didn’t really like carrots when I was growing up until I had them right out out of the garden- what a life changing experience!  So sweet after some ‘cold’ time in the ground!

Somehow I misplaced the information as to what type of carrot I had planted.   Any ideas?  I know they are an heirloom, but not quite sure which one.

Of course, Tango had to be at my side while I was digging.

carrotharvest (1)

carrotharvest (2)

carrotharvest (3)

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