The Mantle

about once a month or i am embarrassed to say, maybe more than that, i rearrange furniture in my house. i don’t know why i do it, but i have been doing it for years. as a teenager, i would rearrange my room regularly to the point that my dad would say that he came into to say good night and couldn’t find me.
i see my stuff in a different light, literally sometimes, if i put it somewhere else with a different combination of other stuff it suddenly looks new, or unfortunately sometimes it looks really bad and i have to put it right back where it was originally. that isn’t a big deal when it’s something portable like a tabletop item, but needless to say, gets more complicated when it comes to furniture. i attribute many of my lower backaches to overzealous furniture rearranging.
the mantle is always a challenge for me. i have had a big mirror there, then a small mirror, a painting, nothing and now i have some simple photography that i love there. this current arrangement has felt the most like me, but it looked just a spec stark for this time of year. i added stuff, took away stuff, and finally settled on this. actually, i didn’t really settle on this, i didn’t have anywhere else to put this grapevine wreath that is usually on my front door, but of course, i moved it to make room for some greens.
i think i like this arrangement. well, until i change it… probably next week.