Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Trinity College, Dublin

On a recent trip to Dublin I wandered through Trinity College in the city center.  Entering at the front gate and onwards to Parliament Square,  I could feel the history of this storied institution.  Founded in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, it is the oldest constituent college of the University of Dublin, Ireland’s oldest university and among other great historical treasures, houses the famous Book of Kells created by Celtic monks in ac. 800 or earlier.

In just two days,  Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, accompanied by His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, will visit Trinity College as the first reigning British monarch to visit Ireland since 1922 when the Republic gained its independence.  It is my deepest hope that the Queen’s visit will be not only peaceful for the Republic, but also the first in a new page of cooperative nation building between two longtime disparate groups.  The world is too small to tolerate animosity.

Long live the Queen and all those either for or against what she represents and peace to the beloved Republic of Ireland.  The world is watching.  Think temperance for everyone’s sake.