Roasting Asparagus & Onions

The forecast for this week is for some really hot weather within the next few days.  So, in an attempt to be marginally proactive about meal planning and to avoid turning on the oven when the house is already hot, I am roasting organic, spring asparagus and onions this morning with Stony Brook Butternut Squash Seed oil,  kosher salt and fresh ground pepper for inclusion in tomorrow night’s dinner.  I am really smitten with this oil.  It is delicious, smooth, a gorgeous warm amber color and the high smoke point makes it perfect for almost anything as it doesn’t burn.  I am not a detail oriented cook. I like to work without recipes and throw things together that I have on hand.

This is so simple to do.  Here’s how:

  • preheat the oven to bake 350 degrees fahrenheit/180 celsius/ gas mark 4
  • clean asparagus and snap off the ends
  • peel and quarter a few large yellow onions
  • arrange on a half sheet pan lined with parchment
  • pour on some oil, sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper and toss a bit for even coverage
  • bake about 15-20 minutes, checking after about 12 minutes for doneness
  • poke with a fork- I like the asparagus to be cooked, but not whimpy and the onions to be softened, but still with a bit of crunch.
  • serve hot, warm, room temp or chilled with pasta, arugula, on toast, in a burrito, whatever you have on hand.

    Libeco Belgian Linen Apron is perfect cover for food prep

It smells really, really good.  I may not be able to resist eating it myself before tomorrow night’s dinner.  It may not even make it to the fridge for chilling.

The timer just pinged.  I just tested it.  Yummy? Ah, yes.   I hope my family won’t mind eating sandwiches instead.  Maybe I just won’t tell them about this, then they won’t know what they missed.