Antiques-Essex, Massachusetts

While on the hunt for new, old kitchen chairs-that is antique chairs to replace the current new ones, I traveled to Essex. Massachusetts which has a boatload of antique shops.  I found all sorts of great pieces that I don’t need, and some that I thought had to have, but I resisted.  It was difficult, but I have found that if I can get myself out of the shop for more than 15 minutes and reflect on how badly I want something, I generally make better decisions.  That said, I am still on the hunt for chairs. 

I love this building-the yellow door and trim, red windows and dark siding.

Margaret Doyle Antiques had some beautiful pieces including this handsome Swedish Mora clock that I am still thinking about, but hope that it sold, so I won’t be tempted.

Great table desk! Simple, flexible, folding, could do double duty as a spare dining table for a big crowd.  Don’t need it, but would love to have it.