Annisquam Village

On a recent early spring day I was drawn to visit Annisquam by a dear friend who has found just the right balance of part-time living there in a  charming, antique cottage within walking distance to the water, the yacht club, the library and the beach.  It was the perfect elixir for weekday motivational blues.  We wandered through the quiet village just awakening from its sleepy off season with painters, carpenters and landscapers prepping for the arrival of the seasonal residents.

Steeped in history and character I could easily see myself living there as it has just the right blend of architectural interest, cultural activities and seaside living, but still a manageable commute to downtown Boston. Although if you lived there, you probably won’t want to leave, or as they say “I don’t like to go over the bridge”.

I really like to visit places off  season- I don’t handle crowds very well and feel refreshed when I putter around while there is still a hush of inactivity.

Annisquam Yacht Club
Annisquam River


View from Annisquam Yacht Club deck


Annisquam Lighthouse


Annisquam Village house


Annisquam Village house gated garden


Annisquam pink and green house


Annisquam Village view from the footbridge