Say yes

Given that this is the day after Valentine’s Day, I am not referring to the marriage proposal.  My two cents are about everyday issues that we confront.

Say yes to the offer to serve on a board of an organization that does work which truly matters to you, to the proposed plan for a trip to somewhere that is foreign to you, to the enticement to try the funny looking food, to the pleading of someone in the cold asking for money….ah, the list is endless.  I have read the advice of so many time management experts that tell us to say no, but I would suggest that a fair share of yes ought to be brought into the advice column too.

Perhaps the only yes that I suggest requires a truly serious deliberation is the marriage proposal as that is a pledge unlike all others, a complete game changer, a life altering step into what may be a phenomenal adventure or a deep crevasse, but either way its an abyss.   You just don’t know what you signed up for until you are in fairly deep into the commitment.

Say yes to vegetables, say yes to a walk, say yes to the pooch when she rolls on her back with paws in the air and asks for yet another tummy rub, say yes to the favor.  It will make you like yourself better even if you are a little bit cranky when you get overwhelmed because it always takes a little bit longer than you expected. whitetulips