Farmhouse Pottery, Woodstock, Vermont

On a quick trip through Vermont recently, I hoped that I would have enough time to visit at a new, much-talked-about lifestyle destination shop, Farmhouse Pottery in Woodstock, Vermont and so very glad that I did.  My visit to Zoe and James Zilian’s workroom-studio-shop was a highlight of my trip.

At first glance, as I approached the front door, I was pretty much smitten.  A simply, styled farm table was set out with their wares in a natural setting complete with tree stump seating.  Upon entering I was warmly greeted by Zoe, a striking beauty with an effortless, casual chic vibe and million dollar smile.  I felt completely welcomed and comfortable within the first minute of my visit.

farmhousepottery1 (1)

farmhousepottery1 (4)

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The space is totally my cup of tea-an updated farmhouse aesthetic, full of whites, natural wood, soft blues, garden flowers, linens, and their eponymous pottery, furniture, accessories and apothecary collections.

farmhousepottery1 (3)

An ebullient James stepped out from behind his pottery wheel to chat a bit and allowed me to observe him as he deftly trimmed a few pieces of work.  Clearly a master potter, a true professional-able to work neatly and dexterously all the while having a conversation.  As a bit of a potter myself, I was in complete awe.  The workshop allows a visitor to sense the true nature of their handcrafted mission.

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farmhousepottery1 (14)  farmhousepottery1 (15)

There was not an item in the shop that I didn’t want to take home.  So, selecting something was quite challenging.  I noodled about a bit and decided to go home with one of their pitchers, a handsome, straight sided, silo pitcher that lends itself quite perfectly as a vase for tall wildflowers as well as a beverage server.

farmhousepottery1 (6)

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As I departed, I had the feeling that I had just made two new friends and wished that I lived right down the road, perhaps even work there so that I could be ensconced in their low key, spot-on workshop life in bucolic Woodstock.

farmhousepottery1 (17)

Hop in your car and visit.  The visual treat and the calm of the place will stay with you.  Please say hello to Zoe and James for me.

Farmhouse Pottery, 1837 West Woodstock Rd. (Route 4), Woodstock, VT   |   802.774.8373   |