Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light

On a recent visit to Rockland, Maine I noodled about on the breakwater hoping to reach Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light.  The waves crashing up on the rocks as the tide was coming in made for slippery footing and soon to be treacherous conditions.

I chickened out and turned back to the shoreline.

Completed in 1900, the keeper’s house was vacated in 1963 and the light subsequently automated in 1964, the light is visible for up to 17 miles, and offers a spectacular view of the harbor.

There is something so appealing to me about the life of a lighthouse keeper- well, until the first big storm and running out of supplies.  Then I may have a different perspective.

rockland harbor breakwater light2

rockland harbor breakwater light3

rockland harbor breakwater light4

rockland harbor breakwater light6

rockland harbor breakwater light10