Dinner at Salt Water Farm

Late last summer I visited Salt Water Farm in Lincolnville, Maine again, but this time for one of their farm dinners.  My prior visit was to attend one of the much hailed cooking classes at the farm.  I wrote about it here.

Curated, hosted, planned, prepared and beautifully served by Annemarie Ahearn in a spectacular oceanfront setting-it was a perfect evening.

From the early aperitif on the terrace overlooking the gardens, and then into the farm kitchen, the entire experience was so relaxing.

The communal dining table, which on this particular night included Annemarie’s parents and a few family friends, was a convivial gathering and the conversation made for a truly memorable dinner.

Annemarie offers cooking classes for the home cook at the farm and if you are so inclined to consider attending, you will not regret it.  The whole setting, and more importantly, her kindly, warm, and friendly manner makes it all the more enjoyable.

saltwater farm 1

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