Winston Flowers-Boston

One of my all time favorite florists is Winston Flowers of Boston.  Although I have a strict rule about no holiday imagery until 2 weeks prior to the actual event, I have to bend the rules a bit in this case.  On my visit there this week, I was so taken by their twig and moss Christmas trees.  They were so beautiful and I am a softy for a pile of white birch logs,  a vitrine of gorgeous pumpkin squashes and fresh roses in vibrant orange tones.  It’s a bit of a melange, but the transition of fall to winter that late November presents draws me to soft oranges, warm browns, dull gray tones and white.  Perhaps it’s a prelude to prepare me for the color ‘noise’ of commercialized holidays.  They do it right.  Their product and merchandising makes me want to live in their stores.  Subtle, orderly, fresh, calming and utterly pristine in a very organic way.