Thanksgiving Reminder-Plimoth Plantation

There have been many moons since I was a girl scout and visited Plimoth Plantation.  So, given the time of year it seemed fitting that I should visit again to put me in the proper frame of mind to consider exactly what American Thanksgiving is all about.  The setting takes you back in time to the late 1600’s and if you can look beyond the tourists like myself, the baby strollers and meandering kids, you find a serene and contemplative place in time that was simpler in many ways, yet so much more complicated just to survive.

Despite all of the modernizations of contemporary life which provide a very comfortable existence for many, there are still millions living with far less.  Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for the goodness in our lives, and more so it is a poignant reminder to appreciate  having more than the basics for survival.  For it is incomprehensible that a large part of the world’s population do not even have enough to survive.