The Mayflower

As part of my recent visit to Plimoth Plantation, I climbed aboard a replica of the Mayflower in Plymouth Harbor, Massachusetts.  I was immediately struck by the size of the ship.  It’s not that big.  So imagine for a moment, leaving everything you know and love, boarding a ship of approximately 100 feet long by 25 feet wide with 130 other people, for a treacherous voyage of over 2 months without radar, weather forecasts or radio communication, eating only salted foods and washing it down with ale, living below deck without privacy, lighting or bathing facilities, sailing to a place you have never been, that didn’t have a hotel, house, cottage or even a platform tent when you arrived.

Assuming that you and your family survive the trip, you would work beyond measure to establish an entirely new life with the hopes that you could practice your faith according to the principles that you deem worthy of embarking on such a life change.

Millions have done this throughout history and continue to do it every day all due to religious intolerance.  Is that really how the collective we should foster our civilization?

Consider this when you think that your life is hard.  I know that I need to be ever more mindful of my own biases every minute of every day and to practice more tolerance.  It does take practice.