Oh Philadelphia

Have you been to Philadelphia recently?  You should go.  Take a weekend.   It’s a city steeped in historic significance, sophisticated, easy to navigate, full of fantastic restaurants, lovely parks with outdoor cafes  and great cultural venues.

On my trip there this summer to bring home my beloved pooch, Tango, I spent some time noodling around the city and surrounding neighborhoods taking in the blend of old Americana and diverse urban energy.

I explored the Philadelphia Museum of Art, walked along the Schuylkill River and peeked at the boathouses along famous Boathouse Row, home of the Philadelphia Classic Regatta Series.  Admittedly I passed on the Liberty Bell on this visit, having been there a few times before,  but it’s good take and puts some context around the founding of the USA.

Logan Square
Lovely public gardens of Sister Cities Park
Milk and Honey Market at Sister Cities Park
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Boathouse Row on the Schuylkill

Just outside the city on the main line we dined at the most perfect place for a road trip with the sole purpose of bringing home a new dog, White Dog Cafe. Full of well curated, doggie themed decor, we enjoyed fantastic, organic, sustainable, local, well prepared dinners and a great wine list thanks to my dear friends and fellow dog lovers, Leslie and Jim for the suggestion to meet there.  And no, the dog didn’t eat with us, nor are they allowed.

White Dog Cafe
White Dog topiary
A bit of White Dog decor
White Dog copper (note no dogs)
White Dog portraiture