Scottish windmills

Alternative energy is definitely the wave of the future, and to a great extent, a re-engineering of past technologies.  Although I firmly believe in wind power, I am quite aware of the impact wind farms have on birds, views, marine life and abutters.  After following  Cape Wind’s fight for a wind farm in Nantucket Sound, I realize this is a complex, controversial and emotional subject.  Yet, on a recent trip to Scotland, I was struck by the number of windmills popping up across the country and  found myself calmed by their gentle whirring.  Given the option of looking at a power plant, I’ll take a windmill.  The cows and sheep certainly don’t seem to mind.

One of these days I will execute my plan to live off the grid in a truly sustainable, environmentally sensitive home.  I try to do my part in small ways, but know that there is so much more that I can do to lessen my footprint and reduce my consumption.  Scotland has the right idea.