Polo in the Country

This past weekend I thoroughly enjoyed a glorious afternoon as a spectator at a polo match between our two local polo clubs, Norfolk and Dedham.  What a treat!  If I had all the time in the world and the reserves to finance it, I would follow polo matches around the globe as I find it to be a wondrous sport of equestrian talent coalescing in beautiful, athletic form.  Better yet, I would improve my rusty riding skills and learn to play the game.  Hmmm….now there’s a thought.

It’s definitely an upscale lifestyle sporting event complete with spectators dressed in linens, tweeds and oversize hats sipping cocktails in field side, private tents,  but there were kids and families too just taking it all in, and best of all was my alma mater’s polo team represented there.  So happy to see UMASS Polo!

The halftime show was just as entertaining with a visit from the hounds of the Norfolk Hunt Club and a dressage performance.

It was a sublime event.  Now, if only I could dig up the reserves for the global travel.  Have to get cracking on that.