The Hebrides

Standing Stones at Callanish, Isle of Lewis

Have you been to the Hebrides? If not, put it on the ‘must do travel’ bucket list if you like the sea, sheep, rugged terrain and remoteness coupled with uniquely Scottish Gaelic charm.  It’s the perfect place for me and if I could figure out how to make a living there, I’d hop on a plane this afternoon.

Off the northwestern coast of Scotland, the Hebrides are a chain of islands full of natural wonderment that simply takes my breath away.  The outer Hebridean Island of Harris, home of the Harris Tweed, is a spectacular destination, but that’s not to diminish the lure of Lewis and some of the smaller islands such as North and South Uist, or  some uninhabited islands such as the Shiants which are beautifully written of in Adam Nicolson’s Sea Room.

Scottish photographer, Ian Lawson, has captured the essence of this magical place in his books, prints and films.  This short makes me want to step right into the landscape.

HEART OF THE HEBRIDES from Ian Lawson on Vimeo.