Swans Island Company-Northport, Maine

If you are into textiles, yarn and Maine, you must put Swans Island in Northport on your to-do list for your next visit down Maine.  Before my cooking class at Salt Water Farm, (read about it here) I noodled a bit farther north along the coast stopping at their showroom and studio.  Oh, what a delight of calming simplicity and all that is good about tactile products made with pure, natural fibers.  I was in heaven, if there is such a place.

The shop is in an unassuming, antique farmhouse with a beautiful, weathered barn out front.  It was all so non-commercial, that for a moment I thought I was at a private home.  I guess the big sign on the side of the barn should have clicked with me that this was the fitting place for one of the finest fiber and textile companies in the world.  Everything about the brand speaks to me.  The story, the provenance, the product, the colourways, all of it- right down to the logo.

On a quiet Saturday morning, I was the only visitor and warmly greeted by a friendly, young woman who hails from metro Boston of all places, (can’t get too far from my roots no matter where I am) and now lives in the area.  Right there on the hint of the perfect work/life balance, I was wishing that I could find the same situation-living in a spectacular place and working in a merino wool mecca, in my view.

I had a really hard time trying to decide what I would buy as I don’t NEED anything, but the whole place was filled with all that I find utterly irresistible.  Yarn was my choice and it did not disappoint.  Their 100% organic merino wool, bulky weight yarn is an absolute dream to knit.  With a delicious hand and broad color range, I opted for natural to make a few hats which I promise I will  show and tell when they are done.  I also picked up some (shhhh) seconds yarn- although not really seconds- they are experimental colors and one-offs in various shades.  Can’t wait to start clacking the needles with those treasures.

Swans Island truly is a pure and honest brand.  I am completely smitten.  Can you tell?