South County, Rhode Island

On Memorial Day after working   most of the morning in my garden I went on one of my best summer starter trips to South County, Rhode Island.   I can hop in the car on short notice and in little over an hour be in coastal Rhode Island where the farms and vineyards meet up with the sea.  It is magnificent, yet simple in a very unfussy, rural seaside Americana sort of way.

The first stop on RI route 77 is Evelyn’s Drive In for a lobster roll.  Each year I conduct a personal analysis of lobster rolls ingesting far more than I should, particularly given that I am largely a vegetarian for the rest of the year. Evelyn’s is always a contender in the top ratings-unadulterated lobster meat, mayo or melted butter on the side and a toasted hot dog roll-pretty good fare especially when sitting on the terrace taking in the view over the Sakonnet River.

Then a meander further down the road brings me to one of my all time favorite home furnishings shops, The Cottage at Four Corners.  Recognized for a great combination of wonderful product and fantastic merchandising perfectly orchestrated by Nancy Hemenway, one of the key players at Design Research back in its heyday, along with her wonderful colleagues, Ivy and Linda, The Cottage is an easy place to find a new sofa, luxurious linen bedding, glassware and the like.

Onwards to Sakonnet Vineyards for a tasting and then, well after the lobster roll and the wine, I just want to take a nap.  I find a quiet spot under a tree at the vineyard, close my eyes for 15 minutes and feel as though I had been away for a week when I awaken.  Only an hour to get home and I am revived from a mini-break.

There is so much to explore in our tiny little neighboring state of Rhode Island.  I love it there. I’ll be back, maybe as soon as next weekend.

Sakonnet River view from Evelyn's Drive In
Farmland meets the Sakonnet River to the Atlantic


The drive into Sakonnet Vineyards




Clamshell drive to the Vineyard
The Vineyards